Apr 2012

Pioneer looking for qualified Intern!

In hoping to keep our strong ties with industry, I have started up a page with job listings. Hopefully this will give students an idea of what industry is looking for when hiring candidates. I will be adding jobs on whenever I am contacted with positions that would fit UC Davis students very well.

Our first posting ties directly with the topics of the symposium, particular the presentation by Dr. Mark Sorrells. Please see the official docx on our Job Listings page, but below I have printed the job description and duties.

Job Description:

The Intern will work closely with established Pioneer scientists to apply whole genome prediction methodology to research problems of key economic interest. The Intern will also have the ability to further his/her own research skills through practical, hands-on experience. The individual will be expected to initiate and complete a research project during the internship and to provide support for various research and data management activities in the Breeding Technologies group.

1. Partner with researchers to execute and complete all assigned tasks, including a formal research project.
2. Present research findings at a molecular breeding intern symposium.
3. Gain an understanding of molecular breeding research as practiced at a leading agribusiness company.
4. Participate in interactive discussions with researchers and work semi-independently.
5. Be available to work 40 hours/week during the 2012 summer.
6. Utilize software tools and systems to manage, manipulate, and analyze phenotypic and/or genetic data on research problems of economic interest to Pioneer.
7. Under direction from established scientists, identify and critically evaluate potential solutions to complex, computationally challenging research problems that are closely aligned with product development goals.

Best of luck!

Thank you to the Volunteers

Friday was an absolute success, and we are very pleased with the turn out. We had approximately 160 people attend throughout the day, with about 100 people attending via webinar. The day would not have been possible without the amazing contributions from graduate students who stepped up to help on the day of the event (In alphabetical order by grad group):

Genetics Grad Group
Laura Vann

Hort and Ag Grad Group
Claire Heinitz
Randi Jimenez
Eric Lee
Mohan Niroula

Plant Bio Grad Group
Lisa Auchincloss
Geoffrey Benn
Daniel Caddell
Mitchell Harkenrider
Libby Karn
Brad Kaufman
Natasha Worden

We have also posted a few of the photos from the event! Thanks to Daniel Caddell for lending us his skills as a photographer.

Symposium Concluded!

THANK YOU to everyone who participated today. We are thankful for your participation. Look for follow up posts and pictures from the symposium.


Webinar will open @ 8:30 Pacific

Good morning everyone!

To those guests who will be joining us via webinar, we will be opening the webinar room to guests at 8:30 am Pacific time. “Guest” logins will be allowed at that time, so do not worry about having a login and password.

See all of you soon

Webinar Announcement

We are pleased to announce that those guests who cannot attend in person are invited to attend our webinar. The webinar room will be hosted at the same time the doors open, around 8:30, with the Adobe Connect Software. Please sign in as guests with your name so we may identify you if you ask questions. To join the meeting room, simply follow this URL into the webinar room:


Please make sure to log in as a guest, and use your name so we can identify you if your question is read out loud. You will be prompted for a User Agreement, and allowed into the room once you agree.

Parking and Location Info

Hello Everyone,

The symposium is this week! Since we have been receiving emails about parking and location information, we thought it best to provide links to that information here. Parking lots on UC Davis can be found here:

PARKING: http://taps.ucdavis.edu/parking/info/

I am always uncertain of how busy parking will be, so please be sure to arrive with adequate time.

The building is located on campus near the Silo. A map of it can be found here:

BUILDING: http://campusmap.ucdavis.edu/?b=223

If you have any further questions, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Cornell Webinar Announcement

Hello Everyone,

The students at UC Davis wanted to invite all those on the West coast to attend the webinar for the symposium at Cornell. Please see the link below to register.